Sunday, July 27, 2008


First day camping and clean!
Sitting around the camp fire!
Bed Head!
Hitting the Pinata on International Night!

Swinging on the swing Uncle Jared made!
More cousins at Gracie's B-day bash!

Trying to be brave with a little assistance from Aunt Colette!
More cousins!
Too Cold!
Trevor, Janalynn, and little Trevor!
Avery trying on Uncle Nate's hat!

We went camping over the 24th of July weekend with Tony's family in the Uinta mountains! It has been a tradition in his family for years since he was a kid. It is so beautiful up there! We went to a B-day party for Avery's cousin Grace who turned 4 on the 24th! One night we had a international dutch oven party and the kids took turns hitting a pinata. The last night we were there we had a dutch oven cook off. Yummy! This is the first year I bought a dutch oven and cooked 3 times in it with the assistance of my mother-in-law. We did a lot of playing in the river that was very close to our camp site. Avery loves to swim but I think the water was a little too cold for her. We also did a lot of sitting around the camp fire, playing games, and just kicked it. It was so nice to get away from the world! It's even nicer to come home to a warm shower though!

What A Women!

A dear childhood friend Allison Walters Van Gieson left this earth last Saturday morning with her Dad when they were in a car accident. I have thought a lot about her this past week and how amazing she is! I have so many great memories of her that just came flooding back! After reading the blog posts and the news report, etc. I realized she has impacted me and strengthened my testimony of our Saviour more than ever. I know she lives on and that she will be with her sweet children, husband, and family again. She has always been an amazing example and a great friend to everyone around her. She is loved by so many and will be missed so much!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Pretty Avery

Avery got into Caitlin's lipstick today and this is not the first time she's done this! The top pic is from today and the bottom pic was from awhile ago. She is so naughty but it's so funny to see her with lipstick all over her mouth! After she applied it, she came to show us all her lips and then puckered up like she was ready to kiss someone. Good thing she's cute!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I Miss This!

I was just listening to that Trace Adkins song "Your Gonna Miss This" while blogging the previous pics and then came across these cute pics of Avery. I just got so sad! I do miss this so much already! Where has the time gone!? Why do they have to grow up so fast? I wish she could always be my baby!

I ThInK I CaN!

So Avery is trying so hard to be a big girl these days! She is constantly trying to dress herself and she gets so frustrated when it doesn't work out. She tried to put her swimming suit top on by stepping into it which I guess maybe could have worked, but not in her case. I'm sure it didn't help that she was already dressed. She then pulled it up to her waist and hooked it together where it goes around her neck, and then tried to walk. She gave me a good laugh while she was throwing a fit wanting me to help her get it off.

Happy Birthday Ben!

Avery's cousin, Ben turned 2! We went to my sister-in laws house to celebrate with them on his B-day. After the party was coming to an end Ben and Avery were watching Curious George which is a favorite of Avery's. They seemed like they didn't really want to be bothered with picture taking so this was the best I got. At least Ben is looking at the camera and I thought Avery looked pretty cute with her little legs crossed. Should have taken out the camera earlier. Oh well!

Happy Birthday Suzzy!

Avery's little friend that lives down the street from us had a birthday party last Sat. and turned 2! They had a swim and bounce house party. It was really cute! There were lots of kiddie swimming pools and of coarse a bounce house for the kids. Avery was in heaven!

Little Isabelle!

Our friends Sam and Linda had a baby girl about 6 weeks ago and they named her Isabelle. Isn't she the cutest little thing!?! Avery and I went to visit her last week and Avery was loving her almost a little too much. We saw her right after she was born and she didn't pay as much attention to her as she did this time around. Linda let Avery hold the baby with a whole lot of help as you can see in the pic. but it was so cute! She was so proud of herself. I'm sure one of these days Avery will make a great big sister! She just loves babies, dolls, animals, and anything smaller that her really.

Saturday, July 5, 2008


We went swimming today at our neighborhood pool with friends. We are starting to frequent this place a lot due to the HOT days we have been having. I'm not complaining one bit though. I am loving every min. of it! I'm sure this won't be the last of the pool posts. Thanks for swimming with us Dev, La, Mack, and Auntie Sarah! We love hanging out with you! You are welcome any time!!!

4th of July Fun!

Daddy's girl!

We went to this new Liberty Land Fun Center down the street from us during the day for a little while. We went on these bumper boats and Tony and Avery got soaked! We then went on this little roller coaster that doesn't go too fast so they let Avery go on it, but she was scared. She held on to me so tight the whole time but when it was over she was laughing, so maybe she did like it a little. On our way out, she saw one of those little cars kids can ride on that had animals on it. When she saw the monkey, she started making her monkey sound. It was so cute! We then went to Tony's sister's house and then headed down to Provo where my family was having a BBQ with family friends and watched the stadium of fire fireworks. So much fun! We love the 4th of July and are so grateful to live in America. We are so blessed!