Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween 2010

Our little miss ladybug
After being in the cold and rain but was trying to get at least one good pic of Brinley in her costume. Thanks Tyra!
The bee who stings!
My sister-in-law as pooh and again Avery only called her pooh till the costume was off. Silly girl she is!

Aunt Sarah dressed up as Tiger. Avery only called her Tiger while she had the costume on. So funny!

We really struggled this yr getting pics of the girls in their Halloween costumes while they were happy and cooperative so here's what we got to document the celebration. They were a couple of cute bugs. Our festivities included pumpkin carving with Aunt Sarah and Brandon the day before all the fun began. Then the girls had 2 full days of trick or treating at my sister's office, then Lehi main st, and finally at Suncrest with our friends in the cold and rain. Plus a Halloween party put on by their Grandma Susan and I forgot to break out the camera for that one. So busy but so fun!