Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dancing with the Sheep!

While we were watching Dancing with the Stars, Avery decided she wanted to dance too. She started coping what they did but then I guess she decided that wasn't good enough. During a commercial, she got on some dress up clothes as fast as she could and grabed her huge stuffed sheep to use as her dancing partner. She would watch each step so closely and seriously and then try to copy exactly what they did. It was FUNNY!

St. Patrick's Day!

Avery and her friend Benji decorating St. Patty's Day cupcakes. They were very creative with what they came up! Avery LOVED the frosting and not so much the cupcake. She had it all over her face as you can see in the pic!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Penny had puppies!

My sisters Dachshund had 5 puppies last week. Avery is in love with these little things! They are cute but no we will not be getting one, I don't think anyway.

Monday, March 15, 2010

11 Months!

This little sweetheart of ours is a little over 11 months old! I know there's no stopping it but I'm not ready for her to turn one yet! She has been such a fun baby and I don't want her to step into toddler hood yet. This past month she has grown so much it seems! She has also learned how to clap and LOVES it! She cracks herself up every time. She also loved to explore and climb under, over, and through anything she can find. She has got herself stuck under this black table a few too many times. Avery loves to rescue her when she does get herself into these situations! So as much fun it is to watch you learn and grow, I also wish y0u could stay my sweet baby always!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Avery!!!

Avery turned 4 March 1st! These pics are not in order at all but oh well. Her birthday fun started off with a trip to Build a Bear. Her Aunt Sarah came with us and got her some fun clothes for her bear she picked out. It was so fun to see the excitement on her face through the whole process. The next day we went to my parents and had a little birthday party. Avery had a surprise visit from Giselle(princess on Enchanted) and she was speechless when she saw her. It was so cute!(I knew my wedding dress would come in handy for something one day) Then we ended her birthday celebration with some castle cake and a little present opening. Although for one of her birthday presents she also got to go to Disney on Ice last week which she of coarse loved! We love you Avery and your spunky personality! You keep us laughing daily and we are so glad you are our little girl!