Monday, November 9, 2009

San Diego!

The Co. that Tony works for took all the managers and their significant others to San Diego for a 3 day get away. It was a thank you present for being so great. They even bought tickets for everyone to go to Sea World or the zoo. We chose to go to Sea World and I'm so glad we did. The shows were amazing! After going to the circus and then Sea World, I think you can train just about any animal to do anything! I also have a new love for dolphins. They are more playful than I thought they were and I love how they feel! On Sat. we had a day to do whatever we wanted so we went to Mission and Pacific Beach. Then we headed to Seaport Village to see the US marine aircraft carrier and huge ships. It's amazing those things can even float on water. We had a great time! Thanks Wadsworth Co. Your the best! Let's do it again next yr.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009!

Little miss Cinderella!

Our cute little bunny!
Hot Dog!
Avery was so into Halloween this yr. which made it so fun! She LOVED her Cinderella costume most of all I think and did not want to take it off. Our festivities started Fri. morning and didn't end till Sat. night. Avery went trick or treating 4 different times at 4 different places and we ended it with a party at my cousins house Sat. night. Good Times!