Monday, March 24, 2008

Dalles and Kerry Stiles Wedding in California!

Avery and I went to San Francisco, Ca. with my family over the weekend for Dalles & Kerry's wedding. This is a picture of the very cute couple! They were sealed in the Oakland, Ca. temple and had a beautiful lunch at a place overlooking the water. Thanks for getting married guys so we could have the fun trip that we had with everyone!
The Oakland Temple is beautiful!
The girls!
Avery and Grandpa!
Jeff, Garret, Trever, and I outside the temple!
Me and my girl!

Mackay, Devon, and Lauren Stiles!

Congratulations to Sarah & Brandon!

It's official! My little sister, Sarah got engaged when we were in California! After the wedding, Brandon took her to this spot that overlooked San Francisco at sunset and popped the question in a very neat way and of course she said YES! Good job Brandon! Very cute idea! It was a good thing he purposed because Sarah was getting just a little impatient. She called me last Tue. all upset because Brandon told her that another couple bought the ring and they had to get a different one, so the plan was to get right on that when they got back from San Francisco. Little did Sarah know that Brandon really has had the ring for awhile but was trying to make up an excuse for just a few more days. Being the good big sister that I am, knowing that Brandon had the ring already & knew when he was planning on purposing, I just told Sarah to chill out and wait to see what happens soon. I thought the whole thing was pretty funny! Congrats you two!

San Francisco!

So excited about something. Not sure what, but it was funny!

Avery's favorite kind of transportation on our trip.
My Family at Johnny Rockets along the waterfront.
Being silly!
Camille Stiles, Caitlin, Jake, and Avery hanging out on a trolly!
China Town!
There was a big double decker merry-go-round on the pier that Caitlin & Camille took Avery on.
The highlight of our Easter was seeing the sea lions hang out and get in little fights, then push each other off the deck into the water. It was fun watching them do their thing!
Golden Gate Bridge!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Living Planet Aquarium

We went to the Aquarium in Sandy with some friends and Avery was loving it! I was impressed at how kid friendly it was! They had little fish tanks that were the same height as Avery so they could see the fish better and these little caves they could play in. It was a good time!

Shaving Cream

Avery loves to watch Tony shave! She just stares him down in amazement every time. I gave her a little shaving cream to see what she would do with it and a little went a long way. As soon as I put it on her hand she started putting it on her face just like Tony. It was so funny to watch. She knew just what to do with it.

Penny the Pup

My sister, Sarah got a miniature wiener dog that is just a puppy and Avery loves it! She gives her hugs and kisses like it's her doll. Too bad the dog doesn't feel the same way. Penny(dog's name) is scared to death of her! Avery goes charging after her, shouting because she is so excited, and then loves it a little too much so needless to say we have to keep a close eye on her when around the dog.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Little Princess!

We had Avery's pictures taken for her birthday and she was so good for only about 5 seconds so I was surprised at how cute they turned out. These are my favorites I thought I would share. If you want to check the rest of the pics out you can go to and type in Shaina Bale for customer name and the access code is:LTPP0657104298JCP.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Birthday Parties!

Diggin in with a little help from Grandma Susan!

Avery loved when everyone sang happy birthday to her!
Cousin Steven and Avery bonded!
Thanks Grandma Kathy!
Avery got the cutest little sleeping bag just her size from her Grandma and Grandpa Ebert. Right after opening it she crawled inside and told us all night night and then pretended she was asleep. She is such a funny girl!
Just Chillin!